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803 Summer Street Boston, MA 02127 Sent Via Email Tel: 617-896-4300 November 3, 2020 www.bscgroup.com Christian Klein, Chair Arlington Zoning Board of Appeals 51 Grove Street Arlington, MA 02476

RE: Thorndike Place Supplemental Application Materials

Chairman Klein:

As identified in the Supplemental Response to Completeness Review Memo dated September 25, 2020, on behalf of the Applicant, BSC is submitting the following revised and supplemental Thorndike Place Comprehensive Permit application materials for review in advance of the next scheduled public hearing on November 24, 2020:

e Report on Existing Conditions (Section 3.2.6 of Arlington Comprehensive Permit Regulations) e Architectural Drawings o 3D Perspective View (1 sheet) o Floor Plans (4 sheets) - Garage, Ground Floor, Typical 2nd/3rd, and 4th Floor o Exterior Elevations (3 sheets) showing all building sides with Material Legend and Type of Construction o Courtyard Section (1 sheet) e Site Plans revised November 3, 2020 reflecting new building program presented at the October 13, 2020 public hearing Stormwater Report Wildlife Habitat and Vegetation Evaluation Updated waiver request list Statement of Compliance with Arlington’s Master Plan, Housing Production Plan, and Open Space and Recreation Plan

Under separate cover, the Applicant is submitting the requested replenishment of the Peer

Review Fees to Mary Musyznski, Department of Planning and Community Development as neers you have requested. i heraainiiel Scientists The above supplemental materials are provided in addition to the supplemental wetland delineation information provided on October 22, 2020 and as summarized below: Custom Software Developers e Wetland Delineation Memorandum dated October 19, 2020 iiaalecine e MassDEP Bordering Vegetated Wetland Delineation Field Data Forms (5) Aachiiects e Existing Environmental Resources Plan revised October 22, 2020 Planners Surveyors


Christian Klein September 28, 2020 Page 2

This information is also being transmitted electronically to the Conservation Commission and BETA Group. Please let us know if any hard copies are required. Our team is available to meet with BETA Group to present the supplemental materials. Please me call at 781-710- 7280 or email me at jhession@bscgroup.com if you have any questions or require additional information.

Very truly yours,

BSC Group, Inc.



John Hession, P.E. Director of Land Development

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